The Origin Story

Mine begins on a female only island and gold braclets…


…sorry, that’s not right.

It all started with my first kid being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) five years ago. The trauma! The horror! I’m being flippant, but it was hard. Super hard. Things got tense. Upsetting. Blah, blah. Anyway. The family pulled through. We’re okay. Yes, sometimes I have to sprinkle Valium on my cornflakes in the morning. But we’re okay.

Then the second kid came. Hey, he was the normal one, right? Uh oh. Not a chance. It took forever to diagnose as the child was a master of deception. Eye contact – YES. Apparent social smarts – YES. But there were signs that all was not well. Anyway. Long story short, the kid got his diagnosis of ASD with ADHD markers. Crazy thing was, Mr Seven’s behavior was kinda opposite of traditional ASD Mr Nine. Mr Seven (then Mr Three) was occasionally violent. Aggressive. Resisted demands and instructions. Lived in his own head, chatting out loud to himself (scripting). We tried traditional parenting techniques, but this only heightened his aggression. I’m talking: three year old punching you in the face aggression. Were we shitty parents? Hell, maybe. But we loved our kids. Provided boundaries. Expectations. Love. All that jazz. The whole thing was exhausting and demoralising. Still sometimes is, though we’ve got good support systems in place for both us and Mr Seven.

Wondering what PDA is? Check out this UK series, Born Naughty.  Also, check out the negative comments. Judgement City. Ouch.

Are my kids disciplined? HELLS YES. Have I done parenting courses? HELLS TO THE YES. In fact, I’m a big fan of the 1,2,3 Magic system. Good nutrition. Old fashioned respect for your elders.  But shiiiit. Sometimes it doesn’t work cause your kid is wired different. And there’s a whole way to deal with that with kids with PDA. That’s right, you guessed it. An exorcism. Boom boom.

What’s life like with a PDA kid you ask? It’s your two year old kid punching a shopping center security guard in the balls and yelling happy birthday! TRUE F**KING STORY. And don’t get me started on the time he patted a nun on the bottom. Or tried to ‘help’ and old woman by taking her walking stick to carry for her. Yeah. We’re that family at the shopping center that everyone laughs at.

Anyway. This blog is just a vent page, in the hopes another mum or dad out there who’s freaking out about their own kid and parenting techniques… hold my beer & watch this…


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